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Do It With Words is a straightforward guide into the power of your mind. It provides visual proof and a precise blueprint of the mind-body experiment in which I succeeded in my attempt to regrow lost hair and to restore its natural color to gray hair.

The book describes in precise detail how I:

  • regrew lost hair;
  • restored its natural, dark brown color to my previously white hair;
  • used self-hypnosis, guided imagery and meditation to achieve all those results without the aid of any external preparation;



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Editorial Reviews

“It’s a wonderful application of something that I have believed in for many years now – the power of mind over body . . . This technique is worthy of serious attention.” - Michael J. Hadfield, D. Hyp., MBSCH

“Kfir Luzzatto . . . has laid down a path for you to reach many goals traditionally considered difficult or impossible. I see Kfir as very much a visionary pioneer in the mind-body field. We are fortunate to read what he has discovered and reveals . . .” - Forbes Robbins Blair



Do It With Words is published by Pine Ten and is available through the following distributors by clicking the links below:


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